Common Mistakes People Make When Creating In-House Videos On A Tight Budget

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Marketing videos can help build a buzz, generate eyeballs, and increase brand loyalty. That’s why many business owners make videos in-house to save production costs. However, if they aren’t executed well, these tend to look amateurish and fail to resonate with audiences.

To help you avoid some basic errors that most businesses make when they get started with video marketing, 2perf Productions has listed common mistakes people make when creating in-house videos on a tight budget.

1. Bad audio
This is the most common. Often new video-makers don’t know that audio will matter as much as it does, so they choose to use in-camera audio or cheap shotgun mics for every setup. However, if the audio is bad, the video will appear to look worse to potential viewers. Weird, but true! Keep in mind that sound has a significant impact on the perceived quality of a video, and video quality corresponds with perceived brand quality.

2. Poor lighting
While most lighting looks great to the human eye, camera sensors read exposure differently, so professionals use various tools to enhance the clarity of videos. In a pinch it’s best to use a big window with natural light, although many factors can make it challenging. For perfect lighting, an experienced team will control natural light and may add artificial lighting when necessary.

3. Taking too long
Nobody wants to watch long videos these days, unless the genre warrants longer-form content (which is rare for marketing videos). Keep it between 15 - 120 seconds to engage viewers.

4. Using a non-experienced team
Less experienced teams tend to produce poor-quality video or use a process which can be overly drawn out or frustrating. In addition, the videos created could have technical errors that are only discovered when put into editing software. Choose a team that not only knows what they’re doing but emphasizes your needs and understands the unique workflow that comes with high-end clients like you. 

5. No music license
Many amateurs find songs on youtube or the internet and assume they are acceptable for use in commercial content. Unfortunately, the content will get deleted, and all views will be lost due to copy-write claims, so all the hard work is wasted. 

6. Using the cheapest service available
Often cheap videos lead to poor quality results, lack of communication, or a failed project. On the other hand, experienced video pros know what it costs to make a fantastic video and will only charge for the necessary items while maximizing what your team gets for your video marketing spend. Remember, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is, so check out the market rate. 

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at 2perf Productions. We are a full-service video production studio that renders creative solutions and generates copious organic views for top brands. We use the highest end cinema quality equipment to do justice to your story. 

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