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XBiotech - "we believe" - crafting Brand story


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Xbiotech is a revolutionary biomedical engineering company pioneering a proprietary antibody development process. 2perf was tasked with creating a video that showcases not only their brand identity, but also their defining factor: next generation antibody therapies. 


We shifted our focus from simply highlighting a product to creating a video that communicates their unique brand identity as well as what sets them apart. This got us thinking: the consumer brand experience is much more intriguing than the product they are selling.


The 2perf crew worked closely with XBiotech's marketing team to create a cutting edge branded film that would catch their target viewer's eye. It all started with an on brand script that would communicate their core message.

​XBiotech has enjoyed a huge increase in engagement on their socials since releasing this video. they've drawn their target market's attention to the most unique aspect of their brand while engaging more potential investors. That's just what 2perf does.

Lifesize - Product rollout

Last summer, telecommunications innovators at Lifesize Inc. rolled out a new product that would allow their user base and beyond to video chat on the go. for free. and absolutely anywhere. Our task: make a video about it.

Here's an example of a lower budget production using our client's personnel and equipment. 2perf works with any budget, tailoring the video production experience to your project's unique limitations. 

We made them a video that spoke to the truth of their brand while boosting consumer engagement and allowing them to successfully roll out their new service.

Desert door - brand experience 

What's it like to live the Desert Door Lifestyle? It's ice cold ranch waters with your friends. Its high quality live music. It's the desert sun and a big blue sky. The images that make a brand's experience guide your customers to your product.

For this video, 2perf was tasked with creating a consumer experience centered around the modified "ranch water" cocktail. 

This project afforded 2perf no crew, lights or fancy equipment. Instead, we used our innovative and intuitive production model and a little bit of elbow grease to get commercial grade looks. Even in a pinch, we'll get it done.


That's the 2perf way.

Supro - "Black Magick Reverb" featured product review

Every great product review starts with great talent. We centered this product review around stellar musicianship yet maintaining focus on consumer experience. 

This particular consumer experience is centered around allowing players to hear what the amp would sound like with their own instrument at home.

A more interactive experience tailored to their audience created higher engagement for SUpro AMps.